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Chapter One. Whats your story? 

We all have one and I know, certainly in my case, I get asked about it all the time.

I am super proud of my story and feel privileged my customers show interest in my background.

Spending time in Italy and living that “bella vita” lifestyle, for a couple of years, really gave me an insight into how lots of italians eat and cherish not only the food they eat but the family they eat it with and the life they choose to live.

My dream is to one day return and make it a little more permanent, but that’s way in the future.

In many ways I feel I have held onto some of that italian fire inside me, on my return to the uk. Yes, there is literally fire in my Piaggio Ape, that I use in my catering services, but more importantly, fire in my belly.

pizza mamma italian pizza

Those who know me are well aware of my passion and how the reality of that can sometimes spill out onto social media, especially when I am defending my brand against those who try and emulate what I do, claiming it to be the same, but actually offering a vastly watered down version, which I would be ashamed to serve to my customers.

Whilst I appreciate there is always a market for cheap imitations of everything in the commercial world, ours, at PizzaMammaHull, is an authentic taste of traditional italian pizza and I will never apologise for serving defending my brand nor giving my customers the best quality.

My story of living in Italy and learning my craft then bringing it back to sunny hull…..that’s Chapter 1 and now, in Chapter 2…..?

I  look forward to sharing lots of fun recipes and ideas this coming year with all my lovely customers old and new.

Remember, when you book your wedding catering or any outside catering, ask about their history, their story, because it’s the difference between those who just set up because it looks like a great money spinner and those who have a real passion beyond the monetary side, that deliver quality and more importantly enjoy what they do.

Sue James
Pizza Mamma