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Corporate | Corporate/Work Pizza Lunches at Your Workplace in Hull


treat the team to a staff pizza...
Say Thanks To Your Team With A Pizza Lunch

I've always said a happy team is a productive team and sometimes, the simplest of gestures can really mean a whole lot to your staff.

Why not give them a surprise Pizza lunch? It's really simple. I turn up and cook fresh pizza for everyone straight from my Piaggio Ape and bring it up to the office for everyone to enjoy. Whether that's at their desk or staff lounge - everyone can enjoy a taste of Italy from me!

I ask a minimum of 20 people to cover the set up costs and a maximum of 250 people. We are able to work within your lunch hours so factory folk for example only need their set lunch break.

Alex Brown

"Amazing pizza best pizza I’ve ever had."
Google Review

Paula Ellerington

"Sue is the most fantastic and enthusiastic lady who worked nonstop to ensure that we had a fantastic pizza Lunch. Nothing was too much trouble and the pizzas were fantastic. Definitely using again!"
Google Review
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